The Magazingebäude – From general store to knowledge workshop

The Magazingebäude of the previous Friedrich Heinrich coal mine was built about 1912 as a storage and production site. It has three floors and a historic brickwork façade. With a rectangular layout, the building is about 29 m long and 23 m wide.

The building was designed to be used as a warehouse. As a "general store for miners" the warehouse contained practically everything needed by miners – from screws and bolts in all sizes to tools and working gloves in a variety of materials. The upper floors were accessible by means of a goods lift. The free-standing building forms a self-contained economic unit. Until the 1980's the warehouse was connected to the personnel passage leading to the previous Shaft 2, and up to this day, a footbridge connects it to the winding engine house of Shaft 2.

In September 2015, the Starter-Zentrum Dieprahm GmbH – a subsidiary company of the town Kamp-Lintfort – purchased the warehouse, and in close cooperation with the historic trust authority, it was refurbished regarding energy, fire protection, and free access. With the exception of the staircase and the goods lift, the building's interior was completely re-designed. Office and meeting rooms have been provided on a total area of 1.850 m² distributed on three floors. A particular eye-catcher is the green wall in the foyer. The Rhein-Waal University – Knowledge workshop in the center of town, and motor for structural change – uses the premises for research and teaching.